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* Special Blue Snapper in Memory of Lisa Legg *

Open your ampoules safely with a The B12 Society branded ampoule snapper. These fantastic gadgets are made from durable plastic and are a great way of ensuring a clean snap to your glass ampoules and no finger/hand injuries!

Ampoule Snappers in memory of Lisa Legg

  • We now have special blue snappers (as well as our standard yellow ones), which have been made in memory of the lovely Lisa Legg who was a member of our Vitamin B12 Wake Up community on Facebook. Lisa was a great support and friend to Ian who makes these ampoule snappers for us, she was also a wonderful ambassador for vitamin B12 deficiency, and she strongly believed in the need for more effective B12 education for doctors. Funds raised from these snappers will go towards our education programme for health professionals.

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