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Vikki, 29
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In 2014 I started to suffer from severe night sweats. It was so bad that I had to get up regularly through the night to dry my body and bed. Quite often I had to sleep wrapped up in a towel. I also experienced the feeling of my legs being wet all the time and like water was running down them, but when I touched them they were bone dry. I went to the doctor about the night sweats and he referred me to dermatology.


The dermatologist said I could get Botox in my underarms to stop me sweating, however I didn’t see the point in this as it was my torso that was sweating, not my underarms! I went back to the doctor and he prescribed me Oxybutynin Hydrochloride to treat the sweating, which seemed to help. After a year on this drug I discovered it was linked to dementia so stopped taking it. The night sweats seemed to subside a little and I learned to cope with them. I was constantly tired but put it down to working early shifts and not sleeping very well due to sweating, and I learned to deal with it as my new normal.

I attended my best friends wedding in June 2016 and was completely drunk by the dinner! (Ooopsie). Thankfully I was the life and soul of the party, rather than the crying drunk in the corner!  The day after I was completely fine, to my surprise I had no hangover. However, the second day I was so nauseated and couldn’t leave my bed. I had severe pain in my stomach and every move I made I just wanted to throw up. Sadly, I wasn’t able to throw up, it was just nausea.

I managed to drag myself to the doctor who prescribed me nausea tablets and asked all the usual questions of pregnancy etc. Over the next few weeks ...

Ian, 53
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In December 2006 my mum passed away. I was close to my mum, used to go clean for her and take her out on a weekend with my family. The following February I started experiencing tingling hands and feet, breathlessness, palpitations, dizziness, anxiety and panic attacks, so I went to my GP who diagnosed depression and anxiety. I was prescribed a health tonic liquid and the antidepressant Citalopram, and took both for six months. I seemed to recover.

Then in 2011, same thing again, only this time I also noticed my hair was turning grey. I went back the GP and was told once again that I was depressed. I didn’t feel that I was depressed though, so tried to explain that I had low mood because of the physical sensations I was feeling but getting no answers for. However this time I came away with the antidepressant Mirtazapine and another tonic. I was on these and still suffering for two years.

Eventually I went back to my doctor in early 2013 feeling unwell. They diagnosed me with diabetes (Type 2) and high blood pressure. I was put on 2 x Metformin (for diabeties and known to deplete B12 stores) twice a day, Methyldopa (for blood pressure), Indepamide (diuretic), atorvastatin (statin) and renatadine (PPI to reduce stomach acid). So I went from taking no medication to taking 8 pills per day.


I continued to feel unwell with pains and numbness...

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