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Co-author of books Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses, Pediatric Edition: What Every Parent Needs To Know About B12 Deficiency, and subject of the self-titled award-winning feature film based on her true life story, and starring well known actress Annet Mahendru, Sally Pacholok RN created this video explaining some of the barriers faced by those with undiagnosed B12 deficiencies, and the urgent need for those barriers to be broken down.

Shared with the kind permission of Sally Pacholok


In 2014, I started to suffer from severe night sweats. It was so bad that I had to get up regularly through the night to dry my body and bed. I quite often slept wrapped up in a towel. I also suffered the feeling of my legs being wet all the time and like water was running down them, but when I touched them, they were bone dry...

...I asked to see the results on the screen, and highlighted, there in RED, was my low b12 levels. Normal scale for my area is 200-900, mine were 180. She said, and I quote, “they are not that low, we’ll test again in 3 months. You’re too young to be put on injections for life, and too young to have pernicious anaemia.”

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With society's greater awareness of nutritional deficiencies, there is an increasing number of studies and trials being carried out right across the globe. From doctors carrying out clinical trials, scientists doing lab research, and even patient groups gathering information from within their membership, we are getting ever closer to understanding vitamin B12 deficiencies.


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